Which Type of Catering Service is Right for Your Event

by / Friday, 22 February 2019 / Published in News

How to ensure your event is a success

Running a successful and memorable event for an office function (or any other celebration, for that matter), is all about the planning prior to the day in question. Food forms an important part of a memorable event, make sure you have the right catering service partners for your special day.

Whether you are hosting a golf day, fun run, are hosting a party for an important client, are celebrating Secretary’s Day or Boss’s Day, are organising an end-of-year party, or simply would like to spoil your staff to thank them for work well done – there is most certainly a right and wrong way of planning for a successful outcome, and part of that success is about ensuring there is enough food. In other words, catering will play a major role in the successful outcome of your celebration, event or happening. 

Here are five boxes that need to be ticked when hosting an event that promises to take place without a hitch:

  • When

When is the even taking place – ensure that the dates you pick tie up properly with the powers that be. You don’t want to be organising a major happening in the office only to discover that the day in question coincides with your boss’s trip to Hong Kong! 

  • Where

The next question that needs to be answered is where is the event to be held? Book your event well in advance to avoid disappointment. Some wedding and conferencing venues need to be booked as much as 12 months in advance. If you are considering using your offices for your gathering and would love more than anything to put your best foot forward, then you need to ensure that your furniture is spic and span, your carpets and floors are gleaming, your plants glowing, and everything smells like a flower garden. This is the perfect time to call in the experts; facility management will ensure your place of work is a masterpiece of perfection from the floors to the walls, and ceilings to the windows. 

  • What

All depending on the number of people attending the event and what type of event is taking place – jot the numbers down and call on professional caterers to get costings of food and what type of food you are offering the attendees. Is it casual or formal, and what time of day will the event take place?  

  • How

Compile as many lists as possible and do a day by day countdown until “D” day. Delegate as many chores as possible to those that have responsible and organised personalities. 

  • Why 

Why would you go to all this trouble? Bear in mind that thanking people, celebrating and breaking away from the tedium of everyday life or raising money for less fortunate individuals is what makes the world go around – happy employees are productive employees. 

Even the most efficient people cannot do everything and are not good at absolutely everything; besides, why do everything yourself if you can get some help? Facility management and catering will most certainly make life a lot easier. Get the help you and your staff deserve by asking the experts to assist. 




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