The Happiness Factor in the Work Environment

by / Monday, 25 February 2019 / Published in facility manageent, Office Cleaning

Twelve Steps to Ensure Your Work Environment is a Happy One

Here are twelve steps on how to ensure your employees are happy, engaged and satisfied. 

  • The Happiness factor begins with a clean and uncluttered environment. Employees that have to wade through heaps of dirty coffee cups and piles of files before they can begin their workday or brainstorm with smart ideas are distracted by clutter. It is time to implement Marie Kondo’s methods of tidying to achieve a workspace that is neat and clean, free of distractions and clutter. Read her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tying Up to get a head start in the office.
  • Because everyone knows what is expected of them at work, they also need to know how their efforts impact the entire team to benefit the company.
  • Ensure employees have the right tools to do the job. Creating an environment that helps people to do their work better is important; this could even include flexibility in working conditions and a pleasing physical environment (once again, neatness and a clean workspace will assist enormously).
  • Your employees need to do what they love most. Managers need to know how to uncover and strengthen employee talents and match the right people to tasks.
  • Recognition and praise go a long way to showing people that their efforts are appreciated.
  • Managers need to care about their staff and view them as people. This is perhaps the best way to synergise as a team.
  • Development, when encouraged, is an excellent way towards investing in people (mentors will play an important role here).
  • It is in the interests of the company for everyone to participate to ensure staff are motivated.
  • Ensure the mission of the company make employees feel that their jobs are important and what they do, matters.
  • In an environment where colleagues are committed to what they do motivates everyone on the team to strive to do their best.
  • Encourage friendships at work among employees as this leads to satisfaction and happiness.
  • It is always important to keep everyone in the loop and to talk about progress. 
  • Ensure there are opportunities for employees to learn and grow. 


If employees are engaged and work in an uncluttered environment, this will encourage them to strive towards being better at what they do. Satisfaction and engagement will help any business to grow.  





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