The Five Virtues of Give and Take in a Business

by / Monday, 25 February 2019 / Published in News

There are five virtues that every business should adhere to

  • Be Humble 

Humility is perhaps one of the most misunderstood qualities in any business because some entrepreneurs and business owners view this as being weak. Perhaps two of the best ways to show humility is by giving value and learning and growing from feedback ( listen to what your clients are telling you).  

  • Be Respectful 

Respect takes on many forms in business. Some see it as a gesture of goodwill and others see it as gestures that are put in place every day. Keeping your environment decluttered and spotlessly clean shows respect towards your staff, your colleagues and your clients. Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo shows you how to manage your space in an uncluttered and pristine manner. Managing an office environment is hugely time-consuming; this is where it might be prudent to call in the experts to assist in everyday, mundane chores where time is of the essence. Facilities management could prove to be the service you need to keep your business world on track, for example. 

  • Be Kind 

Kindness and generosity in the workplace can go a long way. Being kind is about being thoughtful, helpful and selfless. Technology has limited direct human contact. Real words have the emotion and sincerity that devices simply don’t have. Look for opportunities to compliment and praise others in the work environment. Try practising three random acts of kindness every day. 

  • Be Remarkable 

Be remarkable by offering remarkable products, deliver remarkable service, and hire remarkable individuals. 

  • Be Childlike 

Be genuine (sincerity goes a long way) and focus on what’s right for your customers and not yourself.  Be persistent and bring value to customers before they can say no. Be present – find ways to be present. Discover ways to make the experience your clients have with you unforgettable. 

Think about how you can bring value to your clients and how you can run your business more efficiently and effectively by adding everyday value. Call in expert assistance if running a business and an office becomes overwhelming, freeing you up to focus on five virtues that keep on giving. 





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