With the official beginning of spring not very far off, now is a good time to start thinking about some serious spring cleaning. It’s time to plan a deep cleanse that gets rid of all the grime that has built up over winter. And, where is the best place to start? The obvious answer

  The fact that your office has to be cleaned is indisputable. But, you may be wondering whether you should hire corporate cleaning services or, instead, create an in-house cleaning team. If this decision is giving you sleepless nights, you may find the following helpful. Here is a short list of some the benefits of

Are there any particular types of businesses that usually hire business cleaning solutions?  Well, yes and no. There are two main reasons for businesses outsourcing their business cleaning.  These are time and money.  Some businesses simply don’t have the time to devote to either cleaning their premises themselves, or hiring and training in-house staff to

Finding the right professional carpet cleaning services can be a tricky task.  Sure, many companies might be brandishing flashy equipment and dirt-cheap prices, but do they have the service excellence to back up the image?  This is what you need to discover. But, you can’t just come out and ask a carpet washing service if

Cleanliness is something that is just expected in modern society. So, you know you have to keep your office clean. But, have you ever stopped to consider the real benefits of business cleaning? If not, here are some of the ways in which business cleaning services actually improve your business and its profits: The Benefits

Why hire carpet cleaning services when you can buy a vacuum cleaner and do it yourself, right? True, the cost of a vacuum cleaner might seem cheaper over the long run. But, the problem with this is that vacuum cleaners don’t actually clean your carpets. So, if you want all of the benefits that come

If the high windows in your building are looking a little grubby and you are about to break out a ladder and some buckets and have your maintenance staff do it, take a step back and consider a few factors. Firstly, you are endangering the untrained people you send up the ladder, and the environment

Colours can have amazing effects on the psychological well-being of your employees, which is great for productivity.  But, don’t choose colours purely for this effect – weigh up your choices against cleanliness.  Choosing hypnotic colours for the men’s bathroom, for example, could see a few fellows staring, open-mouthed, at the walls while drifting casually off

If you have a business in need of commercial cleaning, deciding on the right commercial cleaning services can be difficult. You have specific needs for your business, and you want to hire cleaning services that will not only be able to suit those specific needs, but clean in a way that doesn’t disrupt your business’s

If you use cleaning services for your home, there may have come a time when you thought, ‘Should I just do this myself?’  But, while this thought might be tempting, especially at the end of a long month, it helps to consider what you’re actually getting when you use domestic cleaning services Johannesburg. So, to