CCM’s GenEón range of Cleaning Solutions is now SABS Approved!

Clean Care Mobiles (CCM) revolutionary range of cleaning and sanitising products are now SABS approved and carry their logo, taking green cleaning to a whole new level.

We care about the world around us. If you need to get rid of harmful pathogens and unsanitary bacteria, we are now creating a healthier world for you to work and live in by using the innovative range of GenEón Technologies. GenEón’s OSG products help you create all cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting solution on site.

We kill germs, degrease, and sanitise entire environments without the use of old-school, poisonous chemicals. Think green. Think non-toxic. Think GenEón, the smart and efficient way of cleaning in a revolutionary, eco-friendly, and sustainable manner that goes lightly on chemicals and will save you money.


No need to purchase harsh chemical cleaners. Produce cleaning supplies on-site, without any waste or pollution.


Transitioning from traditional cleaning methods to our solutions can reduce business spending by up to 70%.