First impressions are lasting – your front-of-office individual is the very first person that someone would either see or hear at the end of the phone.   That is why it is imperative that your surroundings offer a pristine, smart and professional image.   Office cleaning solutions will always play an integral role in ensuring

Commercial cleaning services offer a fully comprehensive cleaning provision that will take care of all your business cleaning needs, regardless of size.   Commercial office cleaning needs to be done discreetly, quickly, effectively and efficiently.   Furthermore, selecting professional services for your cleaning needs does away with sourcing your own team of cleaners, which frees

How green is your world and your environment?   We understand the needs and sentiments of clients, and with so many companies moving towards a more sustainable and socially-aware approach to how they run their businesses, we have come up with an eco-friendly cleaning way of doing things for this very reason.   We are

It’s time to clean your carpets safely and effectively.   Only ever use professional carpet cleaning services for your corporate and domestic carpets to give them a new lease on life, and to avoid allergies through bacteria that could breed in the fibres.   Do you know how important it is to keep mattresses and

As the New Year pushes us even further into the age of technological innovation, many industries are looking to the future and trying to predict what changes will be coming their way. And, though you might think that professional cleaning is a very straightforward service, our industry will also be surging forward. While you can

The end of the year festivities are always fun. But, the customary break, though well deserved, can often mean that business gets dialled back for the holiday season. This is perfectly fine, and a good break does people the world of good. But, how do you get your business back at full tilt as soon

The holiday period is a time to spend with family and friends, taking in the summer sun and enjoying a well-earned break, and definitely not cleaning. But, because you’ll be entertaining a lot more during this period, and perhaps hosting a huge dinner, the cleaning has to be done nonetheless. This is where the professional

‘Tis the season to be merry. But, for many, ‘tis also the season to be messy. Yes, the holidays are a fun and exciting season during which everyone lets their hair down, metaphorically speaking, and is a little happier. But the general spirit of the season can lead to a few unavoidable messes around your

If you have your professional office cleaners come in before or after hours, your staff members never see them. This is great for ensuring that your office productivity is never affected, but it also means that some of your employees might start believing in magical cleaning elves, which can lead them to being a little

Germs certainly do live in the obvious places of your office. The bathrooms and kitchen, for example, are recognizable spots for bacteria to flourish. But, there are plenty of other spots for germs to thrive around your workplace. And, if you aren’t using the finest office cleaning services Johannesburg has to offer, you may be