So, your offer to purchase has been accepted and you are ready to take ownership of your new house. However, before moving in, there are still a few matters which need to be sorted out. Aside from changing all the locks and checking that the plugs and lights work, you will probably also want to

Carpet Cleaning for Loving Pet Owners

Monday, 17 October 2016 by

How can I be mad at a face like that? As a loving pet owner, you probably know this thought well. This is what comes to mind when you walk into the lounge and discover your pets have tracked muddy paw prints across the carpet. At first, you’re a bit mad, but as soon as

“Just look at this mess!”  Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. This is the sound of a mom in desperate need of carpet cleaners after having just seen her child walking across a clean floor with muddy feet. I’m sure most moms have been there, done that and cleaned the carpet afterwards. When it comes

Take The Hard Work Out of Spring Cleaning

Monday, 05 September 2016 by

Most people dread the thought of ‘spring cleaning’, but with a cleaning services company, you can save yourself the hassle and take the hard work out of this arduous task. Whether we want to or not, we all lead fast paced lifestyles in some form or another. There is always somewhere to go or something

Four Elements of Inspirational Workspaces

Saturday, 20 August 2016 by

The environment you work in is just as important as the work you do. No matter what field they’re in, employees need to be intellectually stimulated by the office space and motivated to come back day after day. In an Entrepreneur Magazine article about designing a better office space, Lana Borlolot explains that “what industry

DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 by

Times are tough these days, and people don’t have an awful lot of money to devote to home maintenance.  This is pretty much how the DIY fad came about.  But, though doing things yourself often seems cheaper than calling in the professionals, it isn’t always the case.  A prime example of this is carpet cleaning.

During the winter months, there are plenty of viruses going around, and you may find that you simply keep getting sick. This could be due to the weather or the places that you frequent, but the source could be coming from your own home, too. A dirty, stained carpet is enough to make you sick,

Do you find that a messy space, whether in your office or home, has a negative impact on how you feel as well as how productive you are? Then you are not alone. Scientists have proven that a messy space makes it harder for people to focus. If you’re wondering how they did that, they

There is a reason why commercial cleaning services continue to enjoy such a steady stream of business. They subscribe to a high standard of cleaning that is often unparalleled and continues to necessitate the need to hire a cleaning services company. While most households encourage collaborative cleaning and housekeeping and businesses support the idea of

As leading carpet cleaners, you can probably imagine how often we get asked the question that features in the title of this article.  ‘Are carpets or tiles better for my home?’  Well, the truth is that it comes down to personal preference.  Tiles may be easier to clean on the spot, but walking around barefoot